Stéphan Busque

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We report the results of a large series of chain transplantations that were facilitated by a multicenter US database in which 57 centers pooled incompatible donor/recipient pairs. Chains, initiated by nondirected donors, were identified using a computer algorithm incorporating virtual cross-matches and potential to extend chains. The first 54 chains(More)
The 5-yr survival rate of renal allografts is significantly lower for grafts from older deceased donors than from younger deceased donors. For evaluation of the potential contribution of renal senescence in this shortened graft survival, glomerular function and structure were analyzed in allografts from deceased donors older than 55 yr ("aging") or younger(More)
The effect of preexisting hypertension on living donor nephron number has not been established. In this study, we determined the association between preexisting donor hypertension and glomerular number and volume and assessed the effect of predonation hypertension on postdonation BP, adaptive hyperfiltration, and compensatory glomerular hypertrophy. We(More)
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