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Operation Artemis: the shape of things to come?
Operation Artemis, carried out in the Democratic Republic of Congo from June to September 2003 on the request of the United Nations, was the European Union's first independently launched militaryExpand
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Webs of war: Managing regional conflict formations in West Africa and Central Africa
During the past two decades, both West Africa and Central Africa have suffered a large number of intertwined wars. In both regions, these ‘webs of war’ have included interstate conflicts and rivalry,Expand
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Deployments for Development? Nordic Peacekeeping Efforts in Africa
The Nordic states have embraced the thesis that development and security are strongly interdependent. While they have been heavily and continuously involved in Africa as donors in the developmentExpand
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The UN, EU and NATO:
Conclusion: economic and diplomatic tools vs military might
The uniqueness of the EU’s approach to crisis management at present is that despite significant changes in the international security environment and its acquired access to military structures andExpand
Norway’s Whole-of-Government Approach : Challenges for Engagement with Afghanistan and Other Fragile States
Norway lacks a comprehensive strategy for engaging in fragile states in general, as well as a whole-of-govern ment strategy for any particular country, including Afghanistan. This policy briefExpand
Bridging the Atlantic. A Norwegian contribution to US Sealift
Sentral-Afrika: en vev av kriger
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