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Due to the high availability of the Internet, many large cross-organization collaboration projects, such as SourceForge, grid systems etc., have emerged. One of the fundamental requirements of these collaboration efforts is a storage system to store and exchange data. This storage system must be highly scalable and can efficiently aggregate the storage(More)
Although medical technologies developed in the twenty-first century have successfully increased man's life span, the pressure of modern life has consequently brought many modern civilization diseases and chronic illness. When all these problems are tackled by hospitals, they will consume considerable amount of medical resources. Alternatively, providing(More)
Over the past decade, the development of Internet technology has led to more awareness on the powerfulness of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) overlay network. How to efficiently establish or maintain overlay networks in large-scale environments always are important issues. Besides, the ways of improving routing efficiency also attract much attention. This study proposes(More)
In distributed shared memory (DSM) systems, it is the common need to access data in remote nodes. Thus, it induces to remote access performance latencies, which is the major factor of overhead for DSM systems. Prefetching strategies can improve these phenomena by reducing latencies, but it adds workload to home nodes. It is proposed in this paper a method(More)
In distributed shared memory (DSM) systems, one of the major overheads is page fault, because it induces remote memory access latencies. Prefetching strategy permits home nodes sending data to remote nodes in advance, in order to reduce page faults and latencies, as also to improve overall performance; however, it causes accumulated waiting phenomenon,(More)