Ssu-Hsuan Lu

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Due to the high availability of the Internet, many large cross-organization collaboration projects, such as SourceForge, grid systems etc., have emerged. One of the fundamental requirements of these collaboration efforts is a storage system to store and exchange data. This storage system must be highly scalable and can efficiently aggregate the storage(More)
In Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) systems, one of the major overheads is page fault, because it induces remote memory access latencies. Prefetching strategy permits home nodes sending data to remote nodes in advance, in order to reduce page faults and latencies, as also to improve overall performance; however, it causes accumulated waiting phenomenon,(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay networks continue to evolve and grow to meet the challenges of a new age. Because peers can join or depart overlay networks at any time, researchers are particularly interested in how peers should be allowed to join overlay networks as well as how to minimize overhead in overlay networks. An Arrangement Graph-based Overlay (AGO)(More)