Ssren Jensen

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The long time behavior of arbitrary order fully discrete approximations using the discon-tinuous Galerkin method (see Johnson J]) for the time discretization of a reaction{diiusion equation is studied. The existence of absorbing sets and an attractor is shown for the numerical method. The crucial step in the analysis involves showing the fully discrete(More)
Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIG) are nowadays widely used in variable speed wind power plants. The behaviour of these machines during grid failure is an important issue, since in case of under voltage of the mains it is not allowed to simply disconnect the turbine but it is mandatory that it keeps on delivering power to the mains supply system. To(More)
There has been increased interest recently in feedback methods for reliable , robust, eecient computational methods in mechanics. We will outline the construction of such methods for a class of problems describing bending of plates for certain classes of loads. We emphasize the theoretical performance of this method, such as the selection of basis functions(More)
We consider the numerical solution of the planar Stokes boundary value problem in two stages: the rst obtaining an approximation to the velocity by known methods and the second obtaining an approximation to the pressure by means of a formulation of rst order system that is elliptic in the sense of Petrovski i and a Galerkin, least-squares numerical solution(More)
Power generated from wind is actually a very great and a very fast growing renewable source of the world energy consumption. Optimizing performance and costs is an important issue for wind turbine generators. A laboratory for comprehensive research on the four types of power electronic generator systems for wind turbine generators and for their grid(More)
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