Ssang-Hee Seo

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Many people suffer from stress in their everyday life. While there is a close relationship between stress and mental health, psychological stress (and associated emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression), can also have effects on physical health. Indeed, chronic psychological stress can change the responsiveness of central-peripheral regulatory(More)
This paper presents a queuing analysis model of a PC-based software router supporting IPv6-IPv4 translation for residential gateway. The propose models are M/G/1/K or MMPP-2/G/1/K by arrival process of PC-based software router. In M/G/1/K, the arrival process is assumed to be Poisson process which is independent, identically distributed. In MMPP-2/G/1/K,(More)
Human effort in order to enjoy a healthy life is diverse. IT technology to these analyzes, the results of development efforts, it has been applied. Therefore, I use the care and maintenance diagnostic health management and prevention than treatment. In particular, the aromatherapy treatment easy to use without the side effects there is no irritation, are(More)
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