Sruthy Anand

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There is a lack of timely access to necessary healthcare in remote areas, especially in India. This paper addresses the availability of quality healthcare, by introducing wireless technology to monitor patients, in remote areas. A reliable system to continuously monitor the patients in the remote areas has been developed, this software suite consists of two(More)
With the recent technological advancements, the E-learning platform has taken a prominent role in the field of education. There are a number of E-learning software applications available and many of the teaching-learning happens through them. However, most of the E-learning applications lack good interaction mechanisms resulting in providing far less(More)
The patients in rural areas lose their lives due to the unavailability of proper healthcare at the right time. This research work aims to develop a system suitable for continuous and real-time monitoring of rural patients to enhance healthcare facilities. The proposed system integrates existing and freely available mobile technology with wearable wireless(More)
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