Sruthi Prabhu

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Web Applications form an integral part of our day to day life. The number of attacks on websites and the compromise of many individuals' secure data are increasing at an alarming rate. With the advent of social networking and e-commerce, Web security attacks such as phishing and spamming have become quite common. The consequences of these attacks are(More)
Websites have become an integral part of everyones life. The most important vulnerable issue in websites which has to be subjected to uncompromising security is user authentication. There is a good level of security when we use the conventional textual based password but memorizing these passwords is difficult when they are too long. Hence, users tend to(More)
-With the recent explosive growth of the amount of data content and information on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult for users to find and maximize the utilization of the information found in the internet. Traditional web search engines often return hundreds or thousands of results for a particular search, which is time consuming .In order(More)
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