Srujana Garimella

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In an attempt to develop potent and selective anticancer agents, a series of twenty arylpyrazole linked benzimidazole conjugates (10a-t) were designed and synthesized as microtubule destabilizing agents. The joining of arylpyrazole to the benzimidazole moiety resulted in a four ring (A, B, C and D) molecular scaffold that comprises of polar heterocyclic(More)
A new class of compounds, structurally related to the breast cancer drug tamoxifen, was designed and synthesized. The McMurry coupling reaction was used as the key synthetic step in the preparation of these analogs, and the structural assignments were made on the basis of $$^{1}\hbox {H}$$ 1 H NMR, $$^{13}\hbox {C}$$ 13 C NMR, and HRMS studies. The absolute(More)
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