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Social capital, economic growth and regional development
Iyer S., Kitson M. and Toh B. (2005) Social capital, economic growth and regional development, Regional Studies 39 , 1015–1040. This paper examines the relationships between social capital, economicExpand
Vidya, Veda, and Varna: The influence of religion and caste on education in rural India
This paper argues that Vidya (education), Veda (religion) and Varna (caste) are inter-linked in India. It examines whether, and to what extent, the enrolment of children at school in India isExpand
The New Economics of Religion
The economics of religion is a relatively new field of research in economics. This survey serves two purposes--it is backward-looking in that it traces the historical and sociological origins of thisExpand
The Economics of Consanguineous Marriages
Abstract This paper provides an economic rationale for the practice of consanguineous marriages observed in parts of the developing world. In a model of incomplete marriage markets, dowries areExpand
The Effectiveness of Jobs Reservation: Caste, Religion and Economic Status in India
This article investigates the effect of jobs reservation on improving the economic opportunities of persons belonging to India’s Scheduled Castes (SC)and Scheduled Tribes (ST). Using employment dataExpand
Religion and the decision to use contraception in India
This article investigates two hypotheses put forward to explain the effect of religion on the decision to use contraception in India. The first hypothesis is the “pure religion effect,” that theExpand
Demography and religion in India
Religion and Depression in Adolescence
Exploration of mechanisms suggests that religiosity buffers against stressors in ways in which school activities and friendships do not, and that depression spreads among close friends rather than through broader peer groups that affect religiosity. Expand
This paper brings together the notion of ‘son preference’ and the complementary concept of ‘daughter aversion’ to provide an explanation for larger Muslim, relative to Hindu, families in India. JustExpand
Real options and demographic decisions
Abstract The theory of real options is used to incorporate the influence of uncertainty on demographic decision-making. The decision to have children is formulated as an investment using portfolioExpand