Sriya Gunawardena

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BACKGROUND Pulmonary hypertension (PHTN) is a potentially life-threatening complication, detected by echocardiographic evidence of elevated tricuspid regurgitant velocity (TRV). This condition has been described in adults with sickle cell disease (SCD) and other hemolytic disorders; however, there is little information on the occurrence of this condition in(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated the prevalence of hemostatic disorders among pediatric patients with abnormal screening coagulation tests. PROCEDURE We analyzed 48 consecutive referrals for abnormal prothrombin times, partial thromboplastin times, or closure times obtained as preprocedural screens. Patients were evaluated by uniform diagnostic testing. RESULTS(More)
This article describes the development of a family-focused Internet resource, the Caring Connection Web site, designed to provide individualized clinical information, patient-centered information, and access to online communication for caregivers of children with cancer. Data from surveys with family caregivers described the scope and characteristics of(More)
To report the first occurrence of successful ovarian stimulation, oocyte retrieval and oocyte cryopreservation for fertility preservation in an adolescent with severe sickle cell disease scheduled to undergo a hematopoietic stem cell transplant Case report A 19 year old female with severe sickle cell disease presented for fertility preservation counseling(More)
This poster will describe the evaluation of a family-focused web-based resource, the "Caring Connection", designed to provide individualized clinical information, patient-centric information resources, and access to online family-to-provider and family-to-family communication for caregivers of children with cancer. Data from structured interviews with(More)
BACKGROUND Thromboembolic events are a serious complication occurring in critically ill children admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit. Although enoxaparin is one of the current anticoagulants of choice, dosages in children are extrapolated from adult guidelines. Recent data suggest that this population may need a higher dose than what is currently(More)
Purpose: Irradiation of doxorubicin (DOX) dissolved in RPMI medium 1640 by long ultraviolet (UVA) light results in a rapid decline in the cytotoxic activity of the drug. The present study was designed to sort out which component(s) of this medium are associated with the UVA inactivation of DOX. Methods: The effects of UVA irradiation of DOX in solutions of(More)
BACKGROUND Bleeding and bruising are common symptoms for which children are referred to a pediatric hematologist. Although bleeding scores have been validated to quantify bleeding risk in adults, there are no similar definitive data in children. The aim was to describe presenting bleeding symptoms in children and evaluate if these bleeding symptoms were(More)
BACKGROUND Vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC) the hallmark of sickle cell disease (SCD) is often treated inadequately in the emergency department (ED). We hypothesized that pain management plans individualized for each patient can improve pain management and lead to high levels of patient satisfaction. PROCEDURE Starting in 2002, we treated all patients with SCD(More)
Heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) is a common symptom in patients who present to the obstetrician-gynecologist or adolescent medicine specialist and might result from an underlying inherited bleeding disorder. Whereas relatively common bleeding disorders such as von Willebrand disease are often included in standard laboratory assessments, rarer platelet(More)