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marginals(GM) domain is introduced. This new kernel exploits the mechanism by which the cross-terms are created in the GM domain. It is shown that the cross-terms are The WD and the AF are bilinear with respect to the signal '(') dt ) then A signal-adaptive kernel designed in the z(t) and they have auto-terms and cross-terms* If z ( t ) = WZZ(t,W) =(More)
An algorithm for automated removal of stimulus artifact has been developed and tested on nerve conduction study data. The algorithm uses a hardware-based model of the stimulus artifact (SA). Model parameters are estimated from portions of the data that are judged to contain only the artifact. The model can be used to remove SA even when it is temporally(More)
The health of peripheral nerves is commonly assessed using nerve conduction studies, in which the nerve is stimulated electrically and the evoked responses are analyzed. In motor nerve studies, important diagnostic information is provided by the late-wave responses, comprised of F-waves, A-waves and repeaters. Computer-based analysis of late-wave activity(More)
The adiabatic energies, vibrational frequencies, and geometries of the ground and excited electronic states of formylcarbene and the triplet electronic states of ketene are calculated employing the state-of-the art ab initio methods. With the help of these calculations, certain ultraviolet (UV) absorption bands observed in the flash photolysis of oxazole(More)
Ab initio calculations are used to characterize the ground and low lying excited electronic states of selected dicyanocarbene (C(3)N(2) or C(CN)2) isomers. Our calculated ground state geometries and the corresponding vibrational frequencies agree well with available experimental and theoretical data, thereby providing the reliability of the predicted(More)
In the flash-photolysis of oxazole, iso-oxazole, and thiozole a transient band system was observed in the region 2500-3050 angstroms. This band system was attributed to a meta-stable form of HCN, i.e., either HNC or triplet HCN. Theoretical investigations have been carried out on the ground and excited states of HCN to characterize this and other(More)
Despite significant advances in the treatment of sudden cardiac death, many individuals still go untreated because routine clinical tests do not identify them to be at risk. Recently, a study to identify individuals at risk has shown that the presence of T wave alternans (TWA), a fluctuation in T wave morphology occurring on an every-other-beat basis, is an(More)
Nerve conduction studies (NCS) are often carried out to evaluate patients with peripheral nervous system disorders. NCS instruments with automated waveform analysis capability could expand the accessibility of the NCS to improve overall patient care quality and to reduce health care cost. In this paper, a computer model is described for generating realistic(More)
MUNE methods estimate the typical motor unit (MU). The typical MU amplitude is divided into the compound muscle action potential (CMAP) amplitude to obtain the MUNE. A novel method is proposed in which the CMAP is modeled as a linear least squares (LLS) fit of the MU waveforms. The sum of the coefficients in the model is the motor unit number estimate. Each(More)
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