Srisailesh Vitthala

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In this retrospective study of 652 anticipated low response women, the overall clinical outcomes (live birth rate and clinical pregnancy rate [PR]) of low-dose flare (LDF) protocol appeared lower than those of conventional down-regulation (DR) (LDF: 15.1% vs. DR: 20.6% and LDF: 10.3% vs. DR: 17.4%, respectively). The findings that LDF protocol improved the(More)
Introduction. Coasting is the most commonly used strategy in prevention of severe OHSS. Serum FSH levels measurements during coasting may aid in optimizing the duration of coasting. Objective(s). To study live birth rates (LBRs), clinical pregnancy rates (CPRs), and optimal duration of coasting based on serum FSH levels on the hCG day. Materials and(More)
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