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Software testing and retesting occurs continuously during the software development lifecycle to detect errors as early as possible and to ensure that changes to existing software do not break the software. Test suites once developed are reused and updated frequently as the software evolves. As a result, some test cases in the test suite may become redundant(More)
Execution omission errors are known to be difficult to locate using dynamic analysis. These errors lead to a failure at runtime because of the omission of execution of some statements that would have been executed if the program had no errors. Since dynamic analysis is typically designed to focus on dynamic information arising from executed statements, and(More)
Fixing runtime bugs in long running programs using trace based analyses such as dynamic slicing was believed to be prohibitively expensive. In this paper, we present a novel <i>execution fast forwarding</i> technique that makes this feasible. While a naive solution is to divide the entire execution by checkpoints, and then apply dynamic slicing enabled by(More)
Debugging multithreaded programs, which involves detection and identification of the cause of data races, has proved to be a hard problem. Although there has been significant amount of research on this topic, prior works rely on one important assumption - the debuggers must be aware of all the synchronization operations that take place during a program run.(More)
Since their introduction, path profiles have been used toguide the application of aggressive code optimizations andperforming instruction scheduling. However, for optimizationand scheduling, it is often desirable to obtain frequencycounts of paths that extend across loop iterations and crossprocedure boundaries. These longer paths, referred to asinteresting(More)
We describe the design, generation and compression of the extended whole program path (eWPP) representation that not only captures the control flow history of a program execution but also its data dependence history. This representation is motivated by the observation that typically a significant fraction of data dependence history can be recovered from the(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of dietary forage proportion and P content on fecal P excretion. Four dietary treatments were formed in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement. The P content was 0.33 or 0.42%, and the forage proportion was 48 or 58% on a dry matter (DM) basis. The neutral detergent fiber content was 27 and 30% for the low and(More)
We have found that large C++ applications and shared libraries tend to have many functions whose code is identical with another function. As much as 10% of the code could theoretically be eliminated by merging such identical functions into a single copy. This optimization, Identical Code Folding (ICF), has been implemented in the gold [4] linker. At link(More)
Fifty-four multiparous Holsteins were utilized to determine the effect of dietary P on ovarian activity and reproductive performance. Cows were assigned at calving to diets containing 0.35 or 0.47% P. Ovarian activity was monitored 3 times weekly by ultrasonography, beginning 10 d after parturition until the end of a 60-d voluntary waiting period. After(More)
RT-PCR analysis demonstrated that bovine conceptuses at days 16, 23 and 30 expressed LH-beta-like and glycoprotein hormone alpha-like transcript sequences; adult kidney, liver and brain produced predominantly unspliced products. Sequencing of the LH-beta-like fragment (from conceptuses at day 30) indicated complete homology with the published sequence. In(More)