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We thank Sridhar Narayanan for help in conceptualizing our model specification. We would also like to thank Bala Balachander, Manu Kalwani, Bill Robinson, and Sriram Venkatraman for their comments and suggestions. This paper is based on one of the essays in the first author's doctoral dissertation. Abstract We develop a demand model for technology products(More)
This work presents a general technique to compute tight upper and lower bounds on the constrained capacity of both the point to point and multiuser Rayleigh flat fading channel with no channel state information (CSI) at the transmitter or the receiver. The paper begins by proving that the optimal input distribution for the point-to-point fading channel must(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I thank Dr. Frank Lu for his support and incredible patience with me. His motivation has always kept me on my toes and I wouldn't have come to this point in my degree, the graduating part, if it wasn't for him. I also would like to thank Dr. Donald Wilson, for he was instrumental in reducing my stage fright with all the(More)
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