Sriram Swaminarayan

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We present timing and performance numbers for a short-range parallel molecular dynamics (MD) code, SPaSM, that has been rewritten for the heterogeneous Roadrunner supercomputer. Each Roadrunner compute node consists of two AMD Opteron dual-core microprocessors and four PowerXCell 8i enhanced Cell microprocessors, so that there are four MPI ranks per node,(More)
We present a simple cascading algorithm for rapid hierarchical image segmentation based on perceptually driven contour completion and scene statistics. We start with an initial fine-scale segmentation of an image obtained by perceptual completion of partial contours into polygonal regions using region-contour correspondences established by Delaunay(More)
Dislocation dynamics (DD), a discrete dynamic simulation method in which dislocations are the fundamental entities, is a powerful tool for investigation of plasticity, deformation and fracture of materials at the micron length scale. However, severe computational difficulties arising from complex, long-range interactions between these curvilinear line(More)
Photography provides tangible and visceral mementos of important experiences. Recent research in content-aware image processing to automatically improve photos relies heavily on automatically identifying salient areas in images. While automatic saliency estimation has achieved estimable success, it will always face inherent challenges. Tracking the(More)
T he last few years have seen the demise of single-core superscalar microprocessor architectures in favor of multicore processors. With physical and manufacturing constraints and power density requirements inhibiting further increases in clock frequency, the industry is now turning to heterogeneous architectures such as multiple different cores and/or(More)
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