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In this letter, we study and present the performance of multi-user transmitter preprocessing (MUTP) assisted downlink (DL) communications, where the channel state information (CSI) required at the transmitter to carry out the MUTP is estimated at the receiver, and conveyed to the base station (BS) with the aid of a noisy feedback channel that undergoes(More)
In this paper, we study the performance of cooperative diversity aided uplink (UL) communications with fixed infrastructure based decode and forward (DF) relays each equipped with multiple antennas. Source mobile stations (MSs) exploit these infrastructure based relays to communicate with the base station (BS). The links D and T connecting the source MS to(More)
In this correspondence, we investigate the performance of transmitter preprocessing (TP) aided relay assisted multi-cell downlink (DL) communications where, co-channel interference (CCI) due to the co-located relays in the adjacent cells is a major channel impairment. The TP considered in our work needs the channel impulse response (CIR) matrix of all the(More)
Primary plasma cell leukaemia in a young transplant eligible patient brings forth a number of perplexing questions and many remain unanswered. There are good data to suggest the superiority of novel agents over conventional chemotherapy regimens, however choosing between autologous and allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplant in first remission(More)
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