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Andrographolide 1, the cytotoxic agent of the plant Andrographis paniculata was subjected to semi-synthetic studies leading to the preparation of a number of potent and novel analogues. Of the analogues synthesized, while 8,17-epoxy andrographolide 6 retained the cytotoxic activity of 1, ester derivatives of 6 exhibited considerable improvement in activity.(More)
We determined the effect of andrographolide and one of its novel semi-synthetic analog, DRF 3188, on the cell cycle of MCF 7 breast cancer cells. The effect of the compounds on cell cycle was determined using FACS and western blot analysis of cell cycle proteins. Hollow fibre assay was used to determine if the compounds had the same effect on the cell cycle(More)
A highly sensitive and rapid assay method has been developed and validated for the estimation of S-(-)-raclopride (S-RCP) in rat plasma with liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization in the positive ion mode. The assay procedure involves a simple liquid-liquid extraction technique for extraction of S-RCP and(More)
Andrographis paniculata extract is traditionally used as a medicine to treat different diseases in India, China and Southeast Asia. In the present study, we evaluated the anticancer and immunomodulatory activity of the methanolic extract of Andrographis paniculata in human cancer and immune cells. The methanolic extract of Andrographis paniculata was(More)
BACKGROUND A highly sensitive, specific and high-throughput LC-ESI-MS/MS method in the positive mode has been developed and validated for the quantitation of Orteronel® (TAK-700) in rat plasma using YM-55208 as an internal standard. RESULTS The assay procedure involves extraction of Orteronel and internal standard from rat plasma with liquid-liquid(More)
Andrographis paniculata plant extract is known to possess a variety of pharmacological activities. Andrographolide, the major constituent of the extract is implicated towards its pharmacological activity. We studied the cellular processes and targets modulated by andrographolide treatment in human cancer and immune cells. Andrographolide treatment inhibited(More)
A highly sensitive and specific LC-MS/MS method was developed for simultaneous estimation of acetyl co-enzyme A (ACoA) and malonyl co-enzyme A (MCoA) in surrogate matrix using n-propionyl co-enzyme A as an internal standard (IS). LC-MS/MS was operated under the multiple reaction-monitoring mode using the electrospray ionization technique. Simple(More)
Herein we report the synthesis and activity of a novel class of HDAC inhibitors based on 2, 3-diphenyl acrylic acid derivatives. The compounds in this series have shown to be potent HDAC inhibitors possessing significant antiproliferative activity. Further compounds in this series were subjected to metabolic stability in human liver microsomes (HLM), mouse(More)