Sriram Rajagopal

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With the increasing complexity of IT outsourcing environments thousands of servers and their configurations are increasingly managed by globally distributed teams. This requires a flexible identity access management process in place to efficiently provision necessary access rights for a given system, only if users need it, when they need it and for only as(More)
BACKGROUND We determined the effect of andrographolide and one of its novel semi-synthetic analog, DRF 3188, on the cell cycle of MCF 7 breast cancer cells. METHODS The effect of the compounds on cell cycle was determined using FACS and western blot analysis of cell cycle proteins. Hollow fibre assay was used to determine if the compounds had the same(More)
Availability of high quality technical documentation is a critical enabler for users to fully take advantage of service capabilities, such as Cloud-based offerings where clients interact with the service via a portal and have no direct access to a service support. Technical writers are relying on the input from subject matter experts (SMEs) to create usable(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has evolved from business-to-business interactions, into the new API model that enables open partnerships and interoperability with just about anyone. In SOA, terms of service (ToS) and service level agreements (SLAs) were agreed upon on one-to-one basis, as the Web service interfaces were defined. In contrast, API(More)