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BACKGROUND Every year, a lot of Tuberculosis (TB) patients undergo Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) in Salem city, one of the high TB districts in South India. Mobile phone usage among these patients and health workers is common. Mobile phone communication has a great potential in TB treatment. OBJECTIVES To analyze the mobile phone usage(More)
BACKGROUND Health workers' experiences and understanding of the myths, misconceptions, beliefs about TB, and patients in the community (and effective communication methods) can be useful in designing effective IEC materials and strategies. OBJECTIVE To study the perceptions and experiences of health workers regarding TB disease, patients, and effective(More)
This research study brings out the factors behind the increase in the medical malpractices in the Indian subcontinent in the present day environment and impacts of television media awareness towards it. Increased media reporting of medical malpractices and errors lead to hospitals taking corrective action and improve the quality of medical services with(More)
The boom in mobile technology has seen a dramatic rise in its usage. This has led to usage of mobiles even in the academic context for further learning. Although the advantages of m-learning (mobile learning) are visible, studies are required to address the aspects that shape its virtual expectations. The acceptance of mobile technology relies mostly on how(More)
The main characteristic of Distance Learning is that the student is taught and learns without his tutor’s physical presence in the classroom. The opportunity for a direct (face to face) communication between all members of the educational group [tutor counselor (TC) and students] in Distance Learning is offered by the Tutorials/Contact Sessions (CS).(More)
Moreover, these perceptrons are not really multilayer perceptron in the strictest possible sense, as the true multilayer perceptron are a special case of crime news that use a threshold activation function such as the heavy side step function, whereas the crime news in a multilayer perceptron are free to take on any random activation function. This gap(More)
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