Sriram Anandakumar

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We demonstrate real time on-chip translocation of bio-functionalized superparamagnetic beads on a silicon surface in a solution using a magnetophoresis technique. The superparamagnetic beads act as biomolecule carriers. Fluorescent-labeled Atto-520 biotin was loaded to streptavidin-coated magnetic beads (Dynabead(®) M-280) by means of ligand-receptor(More)
Full references Berkeley, S., Scruggs, S.T. & Mastropieri, M.A. (2010). Reading Comprehension Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities, 1995--2006: A Meta-Analysis. Remedial and Special Education 31, 423-436. Camilli, G., Vargas, S., & Yurecko, M. (2003). " Teaching Children To Read": The Fragile Link(More)
We have developed a novel platform for selective binding of magnetic labels on planar Hall resistance sensor (PHR) for biosensing applications. The photoresist (PR) micro wells were prepared on the PHR sensor junctions to trap the magnetic bead at specified locations on the sensor surface and thin layer of Au was sputtered in the PR wells immobilize(More)
The application of prestressing steel is restricted in highly corrosive environment area. The behavior of structure changes due to corrosion of prestressing steel, which leads to reduction in strength and it may cause sudden failure. There are many research recommendations to resist corrosion of steel, however the durability of structure shall not be(More)
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