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The causes of electrical accidents which occur during maintenance of power lines are sometimes not traceable. Unfortunately, a grounding practice which has been widely adopted in the utility industry in India, U.K., and some other countries unintentionally causes so many fatal accidents every year. The conclusion was arrived after analyzing some fatal(More)
Marine organisms provide several biologically active compounds that include alkaloids with high cytotoxic activity but only a few of them have so far reached clinical stage, due partly to their limited supply and complex structural features. In an attempt to develop novel anticancer compounds, we have now synthesized diaminoindoloylthiazoles (4a-c; DIT1-3)(More)
The need to support various digital signal processing (DSP)and classification applications on energy-constrained devices has steadily grown. Such applications often extensively perform matrix multiplications using fixed-point arithmetic while exhibiting tolerance for some computational errors. Hence, improving the energy efficiency of multiplications is(More)
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