Sripati Mukhopadhyay

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Information System having missing attribute values (in practical) hampers accurate estimation of Data Mining. If missing attribute values can be predicted in the pre-processing stage of data mining then it will help to improve the accuracy, and the existing data mining algorithms can also be applied based on complete data. In this work different type of(More)
Modernization of medical health care system using agent technology has become an important research direction today. It is a true fact that agent based health care system can provide better healthcare than the traditional medical system. An advanced scheme of agent-based healthcare and medical diagnosis system can take care of every stage of patient such as(More)
Knowledge Discovery in Dataset (KDD) plays a vital role in information analysis and retrieval based applications. Quality of data is the most indispensable component of KDD. The factor which affects the quality of datasets is presence of missing values. The data collected from the real world often contains serious data quality troubles such as incomplete,(More)
MATRAS is a newly proposed traffic monitoring and controlling model based on the Multi-Agent System. Indian Railways has a huge, robust and extremely complex network which is the largest in the World. But we are still practicing very traditional approaches in the Indian Railways, which requires frequent human interventions. As a result, any sort of mistake(More)
This paper presented a new scheme of image based Steganography where the secret message is divided or segmented into random number of units holding equal number of characters and the cover image is logically divided into a random number of square blocks. Each logical block of image is used to hide each unit of message in a pseudo-random fashion. These(More)
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