Sripad R. Bhat

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Guggul [Commiphora wightii (Arnot) Bhandari], a polygamous woody tree valued for its medicinal oleoresin gum rich in guggulsterone, is reported to reproduce via sporophytic apomixis. Details about its natural diversity, and mode and extent of sexual reproduction are, however, scanty. Therefore, a comprehensive investigation of guggul reproduction was made(More)
Global food and nutritional security is a major area of concern. Traditional technologies have largely run their course, and we are witnessing plateauing of yields of major crops. The climate change scenario and diminishing natural resources for crop production pose additional challenges to food production in a sustainable manner. Among the available(More)
An Arabidopsis mutant line T90, exhibiting a stem-specific and wound-responsive GUS expression was identified from a population of Arabidopsis thaliana tagged with a promoterless β-glucuronidase (GUS) in the T-DNA. Sequence flanking the insertion from the right border was amplified by TAIL PCR and cloned. The insertion was located in the third chromosome,(More)
This study showed that Themachhi is genetically very close to C. medica and consistently grouped with the typical citron in all the phylogenetic trees; hence revealed the identity of ‘Themachhi’ as a natural wild type of C. medica. Taxonomic identity and well-supported phylogenetic relationships of doubtful and taxonomically uncertain taxa are highly(More)
Identification and characterization of regulatory elements, such as enhancers, require designing of specialized plant transformation vector to testify its unique features of position and orientation-independent core-promoter activation. Very few plant transformation vectors are available till date for identification of enhancer elements in plant promoters.(More)
T-DNA insertional based strategies have been successfully employed to identify genes and promoters in plants. A promoter trap mutant line anth85, carrying T-DNA insertion in the 5′-UTR region of the Atprx18 (At2G24800) gene was found to exhibit GUS gene expression characteristically in anthers and cotyledons of Arabidopsis. The homozygous mutant, anth85(More)
A T-DNA based promoter trapped mutant has led to the identification of a novel lateral organ junction specific promoter upstream of the pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) protein coding gene LOJ in Arabidopsis thaliana by our laboratory. Various in silico based prediction tools are employed to characterize the upstream sequence of the LOJ gene. Out of numerous(More)
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