Srinivasan Venkatesh

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BACKGROUND Targeted interventions (TIs) have been a major strategy for HIV prevention in India. We evaluated the impact of TIs on HIV prevalence in high HIV prevalence southern states (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra). METHODS A quasi-experimental approach was used to retrospectively compare changes in HIV prevalence according to the(More)
Heterosexual transmission of HIV in India is driven by the male use of female sex workers (FSW), but few studies have examined the factors associated with using FSW. This nationally representative study examined the prevalence and correlates of FSW use among 31,040 men aged 15-49 years in India in 2006. Nationally, about 4% of men used FSW in the previous(More)
A long-term offset cancellation scheme that enables continuous-time amplifier operation is described. Offset cancellation is achieved by programming floating-gate transistors that form an integral part of the amplifier's architecture. The offset voltage of a single-stage folded cascode amplifier is reduced to plusmn25 muW in a 0.5mum digital CMOS process.(More)
INTRODUCTION Research in India has extensively examined the factors associated with non-adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) with limited focus on examining the relationship between adherence to ART regimen and survival status of HIV infected patients. This study examines the effect of optimal adherence to ART on survival status of HIV infected(More)
The reliability of insulation systems is a major requirement of any power apparatus. The incidence of minor flaws and irregularities such as voids, surface imperfections etc, in insulation systems is however inevitable and leads to partial discharges (PD). Classification of PD patterns plays an important role during manufacturing and on-site assessment of(More)
BACKGROUND Indian cultural tradition demanding marriage, many MSM howsoever they self-identify are likely to be married or have sex with women. To consolidate India's HIV prevention gains, it is important to understand and address the interaction between the MSM and heterosexual epidemics in India and create specific interventions for bisexual MSM. The(More)
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