Srinivasan Venkatesh

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A long-term offset cancellation scheme that enables continuous-time amplifier operation is described. Offset cancellation is achieved by programming floating-gate transistors that form an integral part of the amplifier's architecture. The offset voltage of a single-stage folded cascode amplifier is reduced to plusmn25 muW in a 0.5mum digital CMOS process.(More)
Two global atmospheric transport models for persistent toxic substances were employed to quantify the intercontinental atmospheric transport of lindane in 2005 using a recently constructed global lindane emission inventory. The focus of this numerical investigation was to identify, on an intercontinental scale, the major sources of lindane that contributed(More)
A coupled atmospheric transport model was employed to study six scenarios to assess the contribution of reemission and long-range transport of toxaphene from different sources in the United States to its environmental fate in the Great Lakes ecosystem in the year 2000. Modeled air concentrations at the first model level (1.5 m) range from less than 5 pg(More)
In this paper we examine the modeled daily toxaphene air concentrations from September 9 to 13, 2000, during which air concentration levels were 2-3 orders of magnitude higher than those derived from in situ measurements around the Great Lakes during the same year and during the 1990s. Meteorological conditions revealed that a typical deformation flow(More)
This study presents an evidence for association of the air concentrations of HCB measured in the Great Lakes region with the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) during the 1990s. The measured HCB concentrations in the atmosphere collected by the Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN) program in the Great Lakes during the 1990s show strong(More)
The reliability of insulation systems is a major requirement of any power apparatus. The incidence of minor flaws and irregularities such as voids, surface imperfections etc, in insulation systems is however inevitable and leads to partial discharges (PD). Classification of PD patterns plays an important role during manufacturing and on-site assessment of(More)
An Arctic Mass Balance Box Model (AMBBM) has been developed to calculate a sequential historical alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane (alpha-HCH) budget in the Arctic Ocean from its introduction in the 1940s up to the present. The AMBBM is created in the context of the Arctic as a receptor, and has three major components: the air concentration module, the loading(More)
— Power consumption of the clock tree dominates over 40% of the total power in modern high performance VLSI designs, measures must be taken to keep it under control. Hence, low power clocking schemes are promising approaches for low-power design. We propose four novel energy recovery clocked flip-flops that enable energy recovery from the clock network,(More)