Srinivasan V. Rao

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Guzman, Stanton and associates have recently reported that information systems (IS) professionals do share a common culture that transcends organizational boundaries. We are embarking on a long-term research project to gain further understanding of the concept of IS occupational culture, and its effects. In the current study, we report on a partial(More)
Information security governance includes the governance aspect, which sets the information security direction and strategy of an organization, and, the management aspect, which addresses how the strategy is implemented and managed. In this article, we focus on the management aspect of information security governance. Different organizational arrangements(More)
An application of modern control theory to the control of a current-source-inverter (CSI) fed induction motor drive system is presented. A linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control scheme is developed in which the Kalman filter is tuned for high robustness by a method of Doyle and Stein. The design is carried out for a sample system, and the robustness(More)
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