Srinivasan Sundar

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Increasing global competition and advances in Internet technologies have led organizations to consider e-business strategies. However, evolving e-business strategies have been identified as a critical issue faced by corporate planners. The relevance and the use of IS (Information Systems) strategy planning practices in the context of e-business have been(More)
Culture has great impact on the organisation at large. It affects the pattern of work and work output, it affects the performance of the organisation in all aspect, but this effect exists not only on the organisational level. It also influences the team performance. Particularly, with the rapidly growing use of teams to achieve several kinds of(More)
The word " success " is liked by all; no wonder it means a favorable termination of endeavors. In construction industry too, it holds high place; where any project either big or small is started with hopes for success; which has been achieved but also failed many a times. Selection of right procurement strategy is vital in construction industry as it highly(More)
In this ever changing world, nothing is permanent. New discoveries and technologies are making its way out every day and in every possible form. These changes make life easier and complicated at the same time. Therefore, it is important to have an open mind and to experiment around. It would not be wrong to say that The Construction Industry is affected and(More)
Performance is the key word in the construction industry. Dictionary defines performance as ―the manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose‖. The way to do things in a right manner with right amount of capabilities means putting the best foot forward from one's side. And if the result is successful, ace up(More)
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