Srinivasan Nagaraj

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This paper presents a design method for optimizing software-testing efficiency by identifying the most critical path clusters in a program. This is done by the application of soft computing techniques, specifically genetic algorithms. We develop a genetic algorithm that selects the software path clusters to test, which are weighted in accordance with the(More)
— Now a days, the challenge for many educational institutions is to make their students do better in their exams and secure good percentage of marks so that many of them get placed in reputed multinational companies. If the educational institutions are able to predict the percentage of marks that the students are going to secure in their final exams, it(More)
The existing system consisted of files with literally no file security. The main issue of Reading or tapping data is secrecy and confidentiality. Confidentiality has always played an important role in diplomatic and military matters. Often Information must be stored or transferred from one place to another without being exposed to an opponent or enemy. The(More)
In this paper we show how implemented one time security encryption scheme is more lucid, effective. However it is more complex in nature of attacker view. The one-time pad encryption scheme itself is mathematically unbreakable. (See Claude Shannon's "Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems"). Therefore, the attacker will focus on breaking the key instead of(More)
In this paper, Mirror sites enable client requests to be serviced by any of a number of servers, reducing load at individual servers and dispersing network load. Typically a client requests service from a single mirror site. We suggest a way for the client to access a file from multiple mirror sites in parallel to speed up the download. We have developed a(More)
are polled for their presence, shared memory is created for the connected systems and the files are uploaded to the shared memory. The file can then be downloaded on to the personal systems hard disk or can either be deleted / modified according to the usage of that file. The objective of this paper is to develop a software product that will assist the work(More)
The idea to use texture analysis in medical imaging has been considered since the early 1970s. However, the exciting evolution of both texture analysis algorithms and computer technology revived researchers' interest in applications for medical imaging in recent years. Technical innovations in medical cross-sectional imaging have opened up new vistas for(More)
The internet is the one of the greatest revolutionary innovation of the twentieth century. It made the 'global village utopia' a reality in a rather short span of time and the ways that computers communicate have, in many cases, changed dramatically. The core problem, the 32-bit address space that is too small for the current and future size of the(More)
Todays world timely product delivery is much needed in order to satisfy the customer requirement as part of that well designed project management is placing important role. After being part of a new team that works with outsourcing team with dynamic allocation of resources (developers) without using a software to plan and schedule the project, web-based(More)