Srinivasan M. Iyer

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Non-absorbable sutures are routinely used in flexor tendon repair. Silicone coated sutures are known to cause intense granuloma formation, and Ticron is well known to cause such late foreign body type reactions. We report a case of palmar granuloma following flexor tendon repair using Ticron. Although commonly used in flexor tendon repair, the authors could(More)
OBJECTIVE Animal bites represent a significant global health issue. The evidence in the literature regarding their management in many areas is conflicting and unclear. This project attempts to identify current evidence in the literature on the management of animal bites and assess if current practice in the United Kingdom is evidence based. MATERIALS AND(More)
Although pyogenic granulomas are often clinically associated with foreign bodies or recurrent traumatic injury, this association is not well documented. We report a case of a recurrent, intractable pyogenic granuloma due to a missed foreign body. An extensive search retrieved no previous literature reporting this association. This lack of evidence bases may(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary abdominal compartment syndrome (sACS) in adults with severe burns is commonly unsuspected, can be rapidly fatal and seriously compromises the reliability of urine output as an indicator of perfusion and resuscitation status. Current literature lacks an exhaustive, evidence-based review critically appraising all retrieved literature on(More)
Management of paronychia should primarily be aimed at preventing any activity that results in impairment of the natural barrier function of the nail fold. Surgical treatments aim to cure paronychia by exposing the inflamed germinal matrix to permit unrestricted drainage. We describe a Swiss roll technique for treatment of chronic and severe acute paronychia.
We develop a continuous-time Markov chain model of a dependability system operating in a randomly changing environment and subject to probabilistic cascading failures. A cascading failure can be thought of as a rooted tree. The root is the component whose failure triggers the cascade, its children are those components that the root’s failure immediately(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to identify the predictors of hospital mortality in children with acute infective disorders of the central nervous system using an aggregate Modified Glasgow Coma Scale (MGCS) score and other clinical variables assessed within 24 hours of hospitalization. METHODS We did a prospective cohort study in a teaching and referral(More)
A career in surgery in the United Kingdom demands a commitment to a long journey of assessment. The assessment methods used must ensure that the appropriate candidates are selected into a programme of study or a job and must guarantee public safety by regulating the progression of surgical trainees and the certification of trained surgeons. This review(More)
Flexor tenosynovitis is an aggressive closed-space infection of the digital flexor tendon sheaths of the hand. We present a case of pyogenic flexor tenosynovitis in an immunocompromised patient and discuss the importance of early diagnosis and referral to a specialist hand surgery unit. A 61-year-old man visited his general practitioner because of swelling(More)
BACKGROUND Zone 1 flexor digitorum profundus injury often precludes the use of a simple core suture as a result of a distal remnant that is too short. The aim of this study was to assess the senior author's (S.I.) simple technique for reinsertion of the flexor digitorum profundus tendon. METHODS The case series consisted of 12 patients who required a(More)