Srinivasa Chandramouli Sharma

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Various deployment ways of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETS) can have widely varying characteristics that have a greater impact on the behaviour of different routing protocols created for these networks. Before directly deploying the applications in such environments, it is most important for developers to understand the potential quantitative behaviour of(More)
Cluster Analysis deals with finding groups in data. The groups should be such that the objects within a group are similar to each other whereas the objects in different groups are as dissimilar as possible. In clustering problems, one is particularly interested in the characterization of the clusters by means of typical or representative objects or(More)
Visualization is an emerging collaboration tool to support landscape planning. Integration of collaborative visualization systems and GIS, using a touch screen table has the potential to become an essential part of land-use and environmental planning and so to facilitate better decision making. The paper focuses on a method to interactively plan for future(More)
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