Srinivasa B Reddy

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GPR91, a 7TM G-Protein-Coupled Receptor, has been recently deorphanized with succinic acid as its endogenous ligand. Current literature indicates that GPR91 plays role in various pathophysiology including renal hypertension, autoimmune disease and retinal angiogenesis. Starting from a small molecule high-throughput screening hit 1 (hGPR91 IC(50): 0.8(More)
The influence of three chemotherapeutic agents, acronycine, bleomycin and cytosine arabinoside, alone and combined with radiation, on cell cycle progression and viability of L-cells was examined. The percentages of cells in G1, S and (G2 + M)-phases as derived from pulse cytophotometric DNA distribution patterns were recorded as a function of exposure time.(More)
Cell doubling time, DNA distribution pattern, frequency distribution of chromosome numbers per cell and degree of synchrony obtained after mitotic selection were studied in 4 different sublines of mouse fibroblast cells, NCTC L-929, in culture. The 4 sublines did not differ with respect to their cell kinetic data but showed changes of the chromosome pattern(More)
The proliferation parameters of the Walker carcinoma were estimated from both in vivo and in vitro measurements. tthe transplantable Walker carcinoma 256 was grown in male inbred BD1 rats. During exponential growth, 5--6 days after transplantation, a PLM curve was performed, yielding estimates of TC approximately equal to 18-0 hr, TS approximately equal to(More)
Multipronged approach was used to synthesize a library of diverse C-8 cyclopentyl hypoxanthine analogs from a common intermediate III. Several potent and selective compounds were identified and evaluated for pharmacokinetic (PK) properties in Wistar rats. One of the compounds 14 with acceptable PK parameters was selected for testing in in vivo primary acute(More)
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