Srinivas Varna

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In human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients, neuropathy is a common adverse side effect to some antiretroviral treatments, particularly stavudine. As stavudine is cheap, it is widely used in Asia and Africa. We showed that increasing age and height moderately predict the development of neuropathy. This was improved by the inclusion of tumour necrosis(More)
Residual bladder volume measurement is a very important marker for patients with urinary retention problems. To be able to monitor patients with these conditions at the bedside by nurses or in an out patient setting by general physicians, hand held ultrasound devices will be extremely useful. However to increase the usage of these devices by non traditional(More)
Digital scan conversion (DSC) and speckle reduction imaging (SRI) are basic back-end units of an ultrasound imaging system. In a B-mode ultrasonography (USG) system, DSC is necessary to display a two dimensional image of a tissue structure. Speckle noise, present in an USG system, affects the quality of images observed. Moreover, motion blurring is observed(More)
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