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Characterization of Nitro Arachidonic Acid and Nitro Linoleic Acid by Mass Spectrometry
Nitration of arachidonic and linoleic acids was performed with nitronium tetrafluroborate, nitrogen dioxide, and dinitrogen trioxide. The nitro compounds were separated on HPLC and characterized
Developing a Dissociative Nanocontainer for Peptide Drug Delivery
A tailored peptide drug delivery system in which the viral capsid of P22 bacteriophage is modified to serve as a tunable nanocontainer for the packaging and controlled release of bioactive peptides is developed.
Identification and characterization of phenolic compounds in castor seed
For the first time, in methanol–ether extract, five low-molecular weight phenolic compounds namely p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, o-cOUmaric acids, syringic, and cinnamic acids, which were in the soluble ether fractions showed strong absorbance at 240 nm.
Amino acids of ricin and its polypeptides
The amino acids in ricin determined were Asp45 The22 Ser40 Glu53 Cys4 Gly96 His5 Ile21 Leu33 Lys20 Met4 Phe13 Pro37 Tyr11 Ala45 Val23 Arg20 indicating that ricin contains approximately 516 amino acid residues.
Biochemical properties of ricin in immature castor seed
The biochemical properties of ricin at different stages of seed i.e. from immature to mature seed were studied and it was shown that at immature seed level only the toxic moiety of ric in (A chain) is being synthesized first and gradually the RCA and B chain of ricIn.
Natural Product Research : Formerly Natural Product Letters
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