Srinivas Ramachandra

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UNLABELLED Prokaryotic protein-protein interactions are underrepresented in currently available databases. Here, we describe a 'gold standard' dataset (MPI-LIT) focusing on microbial binary protein-protein interactions and associated experimental evidence that we have manually curated from 813 abstracts and full texts that were selected from an initial set(More)
Ideal alveolar ridge width and height allows placement of a natural appearing pontic, which provides maintenance of a plaque-free environment. The contour of a partially edentulous ridge should be thoroughly evaluated before a fixed partial denture is undertaken. Localized alveolar ridge defect refers to a volumetric deficit of the limited extent of bone(More)
Williams syndrome is a multisystemic rare genetic disorder caused by deletion of 26-28 genes in the long arm of chromosome 7. It is characterized by developmental and physical abnormalities including congenital cardiovascular abnormalities, mental retardation, neurological features, growth deficiency, genitourinary manifestations, gastrointestinal problems,(More)
Sir, while Malaysia has public and private universities which offer higher education programmes in health sciences including dentistry, additionally students may enrol in approved overseas universities by using the existing schemes or by self-financing. In recent years factors such as affordability, assurance of quality and a good social environment have(More)
Pathological tooth migration is a characteristic sign of an advanced form of chronic periodontitis. The etiology of pathological tooth migration is complex and multifactorial. Usually treatment of pathological migration includes a multidisciplinary approach. However, in some cases, spontaneous repositioning of the pathologically migrated teeth has been(More)
As esthetics gain importance, periodontal plastic surgical procedures involving soft tissue grafts are becoming commoner both around natural teeth as well as around implants. Periodontal soft tissue grafts are primarily used for the purpose of root coverage and in pre-prosthetic surgery to thicken a gingival site or to improve the crestal volume. Soft(More)
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