Srinivas Raghavendra

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Financial markets are subject to long periods of polarized behavior, such as bull-market or bear-market phases, in which the vast majority of market participants seem to almost exclusively choose one action (between buying or selling) over the other. From the point of view of conventional economic theory, such events are thought to reflect the arrival of "(More)
Complex systems inspired analysis suggests a hypothesis that financial meltdowns are abrupt critical transitions that occur when the system reaches a tipping point. Theoretical and empirical studies on climatic and ecological dynamical systems have shown that approach to tipping points is preceded by a generic phenomenon called critical slowing down, i.e.(More)
We seek out to investigate the social networks manifested in weblogs. Our dataset, derived from an initial list of URIs, consists of 3.9M files in XML or RDF format, totalling over 400M statements in RDF. We continue by applying well-known network analysis algorithm to parts of the derived network. Our experiments show that links analysis algorithms benefit(More)
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