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—One key technology of intelligent transportation systems is the use of advanced sensor systems for on-line surveillance to gather detailed information on traffic conditions. Traffic video analysis can provide a wide range of useful information to traffic planners. In this context, the object-level indexing of video data can enable vehicle classification,(More)
(ITS), one category of systems that make uses of advanced sensor systems for online surveillance to gather detailed information on traffic conditions, have been identified as the most promising way to address the growing mobility problems. Along with the exponential growth in computational capability and information technology, traffic monitoring and(More)
As the development of Internet continues, congestion control has become a big issue to the computer network society. Most of the congestion control schemes fall into two categories: end-to-end and hop-by-hop schemes. In this paper, we propose a novel hop-by-hop algorithm that originates from a classical traffic control algorithm. The experimental results(More)
To improve the effectiveness and robustness of fatigue driving recognition, a self-adaptive dynamic recognition model is proposed that incorporates information from multiple sources and involves two sequential levels of fusion, constructed at the feature level and the decision level. Compared with existing models, the proposed model introduces a dynamic(More)