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It is becoming increasingly desirable to move older application programs from their traditional mainframe execution environments to networked workstations. These management information systems are most often written in COBOL and store their data in les. A networked environment enables the use of a relational database management system and its fourth(More)
AAnity regions ensure that a shared processor schedule, mapping loop iterations to processors, is used in consecutive parallel loop nests. Using aanity regions can improve locality without aaecting par-allelism. Unlike loop fusion, aanity regions are always safe. Also, unlike parallel regions, aanity regions do not require explicit code for mapping loop(More)
Converting sequential programs to execute on parallel computers is diicult because of the need to globally optimize for both par-allelism and data locality. The choice of which loop nests to parallelize, and how, drastically aaects data locality. Similarly, data distribution directives, such as DISTRIBUTE in High Performance Fortran (HPF), affects available(More)
The performance and hardware complexity of super-scalar architectures is hindered by conditional branch instructions. When conditional branches are encountered in a program, the instruction fetch unit must rapidly predict the branch predicate and begin speculatively fetching instructions with no loss of instruction throughput. Speculative execution has a(More)
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