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BACKGROUND Complete cleaning of the root canal is the goal for ensuring success in endodontics. Removal of debris plays an important role in achieving this goal. In spite of advancements in instrument design, apical extrusion of debris remains a source of inflammation in the periradicular region. AIM To comparatively evaluate the amount of apically(More)
The main objective of root canal treatment is thorough cleaning and shaping of the entire pulp space and its complete filling with an inert filling material. A major cause of post-treatment disease is the inability to locate, debride or adequately fill all canals of the root canal system. The form, configuration, and number of root canals in the maxillary(More)
Root canal therapy has enabled us to save numerous teeth over the years. The most desired outcome of endodontic treatment would be when diseased or nonvital pulp is replaced with healthy pulp tissue that would revitalize the teeth through regenerative endodontics. 'A search was conducted using the Pubmed and MEDLINE databases for articles with the criteria(More)
Regional odontodysplasia is a rare developmental anomaly involving both mesodermal and ectodermal components in a group of teeth normally in the same area of jaw. It affects the primary and permanent dentition in maxilla or mandible. The affected teeth are often grossly malformed showing deficient and abnormal formation of dentine and enamel and develop(More)
Aim: To evaluate antimicrobial ability of neem leaf extract, 3% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and 2% chlorhexidine (CHX) against Candida albicans. Methods: Neem leaf extract was prepared by using absolute ethanol with fresh neem leaves, filtering the extract through muslin cloth, coarse residue and filter paper. Cultures of C. albicans were maintained on(More)
Thorough knowledge about the root canal variations is essential for the predictable endodontic treatment outcome. The root and root canal anatomy of maxillary first molar varies greatly. A Pub-med literature search about single rooted single canalled maxillary first molar was done to know its details such as incidence, diagnostic method used, age, sex and(More)
The variability of root canal system morphology presents a continuous challenge to endodontic diagnosis and therapeutics. There have been reports of teeth with multiple roots and canals as also those with lesser number of root and root canals. Variations of root canal systems need not always be in the form of extra canals. Clinicians should be aware that(More)
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