Srinidhi Nagaraja

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— Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems with large number of antennas have been gaining wide attention as they enable very high throughputs. A major impediment is the complexity at the receiver needed to detect the transmitted data. To this end we propose a new receiver, called LRR (Linear Regression of MMSE Residual), which improves the MMSE(More)
OBJECT The aim in this study was to quantify the effects of vertebroplasty on endplate subsidence in treated and adjacent vertebrae and their relationship to endplate thickness and underlying trabecular bone in elderly female spines. METHODS Vertebral compression fractures were created in female cadaveric (age range 51-88 years) thoracolumbar spine(More)
In focused-ultrasound procedures such as vessel cauterization or clot lysis, targeting accuracy is critical. To investigate the targeting accuracy of the focused-ultrasound systems, tissue phantoms embedded with thermocouples can be employed. This paper describes a method that utilizes an array of thermocouples to localize the focused ultrasound beam. All(More)
OBJECTIVE Lumbar cages with integrated fixation screws offer a low-profile alternative to a standard cage with anterior supplemental fixation. However, the mechanical stability of integrated fixation cages (IFCs) compared with a cage with anterior plate fixation under fatigue loading has not been investigated. The purpose of this study was to compare the(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Numerous integrated fixation cages (IFCs) have recently been introduced to the market with "zero-profile" designs that incorporate screw fixation through the vertebral endplate. It is unclear whether differences in bone quality and quantity in this insertion location may affect fixation compared with screws used in traditional anterior(More)
— MIMO systems with several antennas at the transmitter and receiver have the potential to enable high throughputs. One of the challenges in realizing this potential is the design of receivers that scale in terms of computation and performance. Towards this end, in this paper, we propose a receiver that uses a committee of linear receivers, whose parameters(More)
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