Srinidhi Kannappady

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We present a novel approach to visualize Web usage patterns by closely coupling the visual rendering process to the data mining technique. In the first step we use relational fuzzy subtractive clustering as the mining technique to perform fuzzy clustering on Web usage sessions. In the second step, we use conventional metric multidimensional scaling to(More)
Most clickstream visualization techniques display web users’ clicks by highlighting paths in a graph of the underlying web site structure. These techniques do not scale to handle high volume web usage data. Further, historical usage data is not considered. The work described in this paper differs from other work in the following aspect. Fuzzy clustering is(More)
This paper describes our use of fuzzy logic techniques for fast object-based retrieval of images. To start with, the user specifies a region containing the object of interest. The image processing methods that are employed work with gray level versions of the region image and of the images in the database. In the retrieval process, we use edge based(More)
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