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VNect: real-time 3D human pose estimation with a single RGB camera
We present the first real-time method to capture the full global 3D skeletal pose of a human in a stable, temporally consistent manner using a single RGB camera. Our method combines a newExpand
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Interactive Markerless Articulated Hand Motion Tracking Using RGB and Depth Data
Tracking the articulated 3D motion of the hand has important applications, for example, in human-computer interaction and teleoperation. We present a novel method that can capture a broad range ofExpand
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Normalized Object Coordinate Space for Category-Level 6D Object Pose and Size Estimation
The goal of this paper is to estimate the 6D pose and dimensions of unseen object instances in an RGB-D image. Contrary to ``instance-level'' 6D pose estimation tasks, our problem assumes that noExpand
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Single-Shot Multi-person 3D Pose Estimation from Monocular RGB
We propose a new single-shot method for multi-person 3D pose estimation in general scenes from a monocular RGB camera. Our approach uses novel occlusion-robust pose-maps (ORPM) which enable full bodyExpand
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Real-Time Joint Tracking of a Hand Manipulating an Object from RGB-D Input
Real-time simultaneous tracking of hands manipulating and interacting with external objects has many potential applications in augmented reality, tangible computing, and wearable computing. However,Expand
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Investigating the Dexterity of Multi-Finger Input for Mid-Air Text Entry
This paper investigates an emerging input method enabled by progress in hand tracking: input by free motion of fingers. The method is expressive, potentially fast, and usable across many settings asExpand
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Real-Time Hand Tracking Using a Sum of Anisotropic Gaussians Model
Real-time marker-less hand tracking is of increasing importance in human-computer interaction. Robust and accurate tracking of arbitrary hand motion is a challenging problem due to the many degreesExpand
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Real-Time Hand Tracking under Occlusion from an Egocentric RGB-D Sensor
We present an approach for real-time, robust and accurate hand pose estimation from moving egocentric RGB-D cameras in cluttered real environments. Existing methods typically fail for hand-objectExpand
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Predicting the Physical Dynamics of Unseen 3D Objects
Machines that can predict the effect of physical interactions on the dynamics of previously unseen object instances are important for creating better robots and interactive virtual worlds. In thisExpand
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Supplementary Material
In this section, we provide details of the experimental setup used in our performance benchmarks. One of the goals of our experiments was to compare the performance of different asynchronous RLExpand