Srinath S Krishnappa

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Introduction The term probiotic, meaning " for life, " is derived from the Greek language. It was first used by Lilly and Stillwell in 1965 to describe " substances secreted by one microorganism which stimulates the growth of another " and thus was contrasted with the term antibiotic. 1 It can be defined as " Live microorganisms that when administered in(More)
Introduction Human identification is of paramount importance and it is indeed challenging considering the fact that every individual has distinctive trait. This requires a combination of different procedures to individualize a person or an object. " Identity " is a set of physical characteristics, functional or psychic, normal or pathological, that define(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVE The objective is to assess the prevalence of caries in children with perinatal human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. MATERIALS AND METHODS Oral examination was performed on children aged 2-12 years with perinatal HIV infection who stayed at 'Calvary Chapel home of hope for special children' to assess decayed, missing, or filled(More)
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