Srikar Bhagavatula

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A real-time, on-chip power sensor that estimates load currents and on-chip temperatures concurrently is presented. It occupies an area of 0.01mm<sup>2</sup> in 0.13&#x03BC;m CMOS technology. With a simplified 1-point calibration and a response time of 80ns, it shows improvements in input dynamic range by 10&#x00D7;, response time by 6&#x00D7; and(More)
CMOS technologies are su®ering from increased variability due to process, supply voltage and temperature (PVT) variations as we enter the tens-of-nanometer regime. Analog and mixedsignal circuits have failed to e®ectively exploit the high-speed and low-noise properties that deep scaled CMOS technologies provide due to marginality issues. Large variations in(More)
Due to high sensitivity to process, supply, and tem­ perature variations, deep scaled technologies are losing appeal. Analog and mixed-signal circuits have failed to exploit high speed and low noise properties of these technologies due to marginalities, whereas variations in leakage current and delay have made digital design extremely challenging.(More)
h ELECTRICITY CONSUMED BY data centers alone grew 36% in the United States and 56% worldwide between 2005 and 2010. Accelerated growth in the quality as well as the quantity of mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets has resulted in rapid growth of energy consumption in the mobile sector. In addition, multimedia and social networking have propelled(More)
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