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Many performance evaluation studies in computer architecture rely almost exclusively on simulation of the dynamic instruction stream from a single application. The benchmarks used are often CPU intensive and rely very little on the operating system, such as the SPEC benchmarks. However, a majority of computer systems are subject to a different class of(More)
—Variability in motor rehabilitation program outcomes can be attributed not only to individual components (human patient/rehabilitation equipment) but also to their system-level interactions. Thus, effective deployment of a rehabilitation program depends upon: 1) suitable therapist selection of user–device ergonomics; 2) adjustable device settings; and 3)(More)
There is considerable scientific and commercial interest in understanding the mechanics of mastication. In this paper, the authors develop quantitative engineering tools to enable this process by: (i) designing a general purpose mastication simulator test-bed based on parallel architecture manipulator, capable of producing the requisite motions and forces;(More)
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