Srikanth Deshpande

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It is difficult to establish structure–property relationships in plasma sprayed coatings because of their unique and intermingled splat microstructures incorporating networks of various intrinsic process-dependent microdefects. In this paper, these coatings are characterized using two distinctly different approaches, both based on novel experimental(More)
Addition of Pt to Ni silicide produces a robust [Ni<sub>x</sub>Pt<sub>(1-x)</sub>]Si, which shows an improved morphological stability, an important reduction in encroachment defect density, a reduced tendency to form NiSi<sub>2</sub> and significant variations in monosilicide texture without degrading the device performance or the yield of high-performance(More)
The cost of ownership of a power plant is partly governed by the efficiency of the turbine island. The turbine stands for the production revenues when transforming the energy in fuel into electric power and district heating. One gauge of the quality of the individual processes is the component efficiency the current work addresses the turbine part of the(More)
The stochastic nature of aluminum foam structure, having a random distribution of voids, makes it difficult to model its compressive deformation behavior accurately. In this paper, a 2-dimensional simplified modeling approach is introduced to analyze the compressive deformation behavior that occurs in Alporas aluminum foam (Al foam). This has been achieved(More)
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