Srikanth Chundu

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The field of Audiology in India has expanded exponentially in recent years. Audiologists practice in a variety of work places. However, little is known about the practice trends across these several work places. An Internet-based survey probing into Audiology practice was conducted between June and September 2012. The survey focused on four domains, namely,(More)
1 Cohen N.L. & Hoffman R.A. (1993) Surgical complications of multichannel cochlear implants in North America. Adv. Otorhinolaryngol. 48, 70–74 2 Lane A.P. & Carrasco V.N. (1999) A new technique for securing cochlear implants. Otolaryngol. Head Neck Surg. 120, 897–898 3 Dobson K.M., Maiberger P.G. & Sismanis A. (2007) Intracranial complications of cochlear(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to understand the reported benefits and shortcomings by parents of children with cochlear implants and who contribute towards the cost of the implant. METHOD Thirty parents of children with cochlear implants from a hearing impaired school in Southeast Asia completed open-ended questionnaires and the data were analysed(More)
OBJECTIVE The study describes the procedure followed by the South of England Cochlear Implant Centre, Southampton in involving the patients in their choice of device and it also describes the reasons given by patients for choosing a particular device. METHODS A retrospective service evaluation of 43 adults and 19 children was carried out and the data was(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE The candidacy for cochlear implant has changed over time and includes people with lesser degrees of hearing loss. Candidacy is based on the pure-tone audiometry thresholds and aided speech testing. The audiogram does not reflect the actual problems faced by an individual with and without hearing aids. The variability in the actual(More)
OBJECTIVE The guidelines for cochlear implantation are well defined and have changed over time with the improvement in technology. The ease with which audiologists can make a referral to a cochlear implant (CI) centre may affect the time it takes before a candidate can gain benefit from a CI. The current service evaluation explores audiologists' awareness(More)
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