Srikanth Budnar

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Classical cadherin receptors mediate morphogenetic cell-cell interactions within many tissues of the body. Their biological impact often entails cooperation between cadherin adhesion and the actin cytoskeleton, but how this may occur and - even more urgently - how this leads to morphogenetic outcomes are questions that remain poorly understood. Here, we(More)
The physical properties of cells reflect how the structure and dynamics of the actomyosin cortex are coupled to the plasma membrane. In epithelia, adhesive E-cadherin clusters associate with the cell cortex to assemble the junctional actomyosin that participates in epithelial morphogenesis. E-cadherin is present not only at the apical zonula adherens (ZA),(More)
Mechanical coherence of cell layers is essential for epithelia to function as tissue barriers and to control active tissue dynamics during morphogenesis. RhoA signaling at adherens junctions plays a key role in this process by coupling cadherin-based cell-cell adhesion together with actomyosin contractility. Here we propose and analyze a mathematical model(More)
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