Srikanth Bethu

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  • Srikanth Bethu, Asrar Ahmed M. D, Jesurun Prem Kumar Dasari, Soujanya S, Kanthi Kumar K
  • 2013
MULTICAST is an efficient method to deliver multimedia content from a sender to a group of receivers and is gaining popular applications such as real time stock quotes, interactive games, video conference, live video broadcast, or video on demand. Authentication is one of the critical topics in securing multicast in an environment attractive to malicious(More)
Text Categorization is traditionally done by using the term frequency and inverse document frequency.This type of method is not very good because, some words which are not so important may appear in the document .The term frequency of unimportant words may increase and document may be classified in the wrong category.For reducing the error of classifying of(More)
Conventional block-based multicast authentication schemes overlook the heterogeneity of receivers by letting the sender choose the block size, divide a multicast stream into blocks, associate each block with a signature, and spread the effect of the signature across all the packets in the block through hash graphs or coding algorithms. The correlation among(More)
In Parallel Programming, Transactional memory serves as a better alternative compared to the inherently used lock based programming. Transactional Memory implements fine grained locking at the ease of coarse grained programming. It scales well under low contention scenarios. A conflict depends on the interactions among the underlying data patterns. To(More)
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