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In this paper, different first and second derivative filters are investigated to find edge map after denoising a corrupted gray scale image. We have proposed a new derivative filter of first order and described a novel approach of edge finding with an aim to find better edge map in a restored gray scale image. Subjective method has been used by visually(More)
We present an elitist multi-objective genetic algorithm (EMOGA) for mining classification rules from large databases. We emphasize on predictive accuracy, comprehensibility and interestingness of the rules. However, predictive accuracy, comprehensibility and interestingness of the rules often conflict with each other. This makes it a multi-objective(More)
Accurate project effort estimation is an important goal for the software engineering community. Till date most work has focused upon building algorithmic models of effort estimation for example COCOMO. We describe an alternative approach to estimation based upon the use of analogy. The objective is to estimate the development effort of student programs(More)
Software quality estimation is one of the most interesting research areas in the domain of software engineering for last few decades. Large numbers of techniques and models have already been worked out in the area of error estimation. The aim of software quality estimation is to identify error prone tasks as the cost can be minimized with advance knowledge(More)