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Gelling agents are required for formulating both solid and semisolid media, vital for the isolation of microorganisms. Gelatin was the first gelling agent to be discovered but it soon paved the way for agar, which has far superior material qualities. Source depletion, issues with polymerase-chain-reaction and inability to sustain extermophiles etc.,(More)
Many insects, including Drosophila melanogaster, have a rich repertoire of olfactory behavior. Combination of robust behavioral assays, physiological and molecular tools render D. melanogaster as highly suitable system for olfactory studies. The small number of neurons in the olfactory system of fruit flies, especially the number of sensory neurons in the(More)
Microbial media has undergone several changes since its inception but some key challenges remain. In recent years, there has been exploration of several alternative nutrient sources, both to cater to the specificity in requirement of growth of "fussy microorganisms" and also to reduce costs for large-scale fermentation that is required for biotechnology.(More)
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