Srijoni Banerjee

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rn The kinetics of biodegradation of several compounds including phenol, resorcinol, p-cresol, benzoic acid, and various chloro derivatives of phenol, anisole, and resorcinol have been measured in a pure culture system and in two natural waters. Phenol, benzoic acid, and resorcinol supported growth of the organism in the pure culture study, while the other(More)
An acclimated shake flask CO(2) evolution test was used to study the biodegradability of 14 commercial phthalate esters that are commonly used as plasticizers. Both CO(2) evolution (ultimate biodegradation) and loss of parent phthalate esters (primary biodegradation) were measured. With only a few exceptions, primary biodegradation was 90% or higher, and(More)
Octanol-water partition coefficients (KO,) of 75 compounds ranging over 9 orders of magnitude are correlated by log KO, = -0.40 + 0.73 log (ywlU 0.39 log (yo)u ( r = 0.98), where ( Y , ) ~ and (yo)u are UNIFAC-derived activity coefficients in water and octanol, respectively. The constants 0.73 and -0.39 are obtained empirically and are intended to(More)
The application of the UNIFAC method to the calculation of water solubility of organic compounds is reevaluated. It is shown that solubilities calculated directly from UNIFAC-derived activity coefficients a t infinite dilution tend to be lower than measured values. A small correction is proposed whereby the molar solubility (S) is related to the solute(More)
Pseudomonas putida cooxidized norcamphor and pericyclocamphanone to hydroxylated and lactonized products during growth on camphor. Norcamphor was hydroxylated at the 5 position, similar to the corresponding process in camphor, but pericyclocamphanone was oxidized at the 6 position. We conclude that the regiochemistry of the hydroxylation may be substrate(More)
The aims of the investigation were to ascertain if surface attachment of Cunninghamella elegans and niche intertidal conditions provided in a bioreactor influenced biotransformation of fluoranthene by C. elegans. A newly designed polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) conico-cylindrical flask (CCF) holding eight equidistantly spaced rectangular strips mounted(More)
It is hypothesized that differences in the carcinogenicity of certain aza-arenes and their carbocyclic analogs may originate from the ability of the former to form covalent hydrates. The hypothesis is primarily based on a comparison of the carcinogenicity of several aza-arenes with that of corresponding carbocyclic compounds and of aromatic amines which are(More)
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