Srijib Narayan Maiti

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Matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2), a zymogen requiring proteolytic activation for catalytic activity, has been implicated broadly in the invasion and metastasis of many cancer model systems, including human breast cancer (HBC). MMP-2 has been immunolocalized to carcinomatous human breast, where the degree of activation of MMP-2 correlates well with tumor(More)
The title compounds were prepared by six different routes, and recommendations are given for the more convenient procedures in laboratory-scale syntheses. Modifications in the literature preparations of the 9E,11E and 9E,11Z isomers are described. Baseline separation of a prepared mixture of all four isomers of the (9Z, 11Z), (9E, 11E), (9E, 11Z), and (9Z,(More)
Apoptotic cells and phagocytes have developed a diverse array of distinct ligand-receptor systems that drive the recognition and uptake of dying cells. Phagocytes recognize apoptotic cells either directly, by binding to specific ligands at their cell surface, or indirectly, by binding to bridging proteins that bind these ligands. Previous observations(More)
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